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the app requires no sign up, or at least only a name and email. but a few of the other services seem to be necessary for your use of the app. this includes facebook and instagram, but it doesn’t appear to do anything with them, so https://ydeking4879.livejournal.com/profilethey don’t always seem necessary.
eharmony matched me with men from the exact same city that i live in, and i was matched with men in my exact age group. several women had said it was the most serious and exclusive dating app they had used, so i assumed that it had been developed for them. that’s not the case, which is a bit disappointing. i can understand how a straight man might be a little intimidated by this app, as their straightness is not made clear. however, since i never found any bumble users while searching on eharmony, i can’t say this app will work for you.
okcupid is very diverse in their uses of the word hookup. those who use the gay app as a hookup app will be surprised. because of its reputation as a gay app, some people think it’s only for hooking up. while the site is user friendly and many people have had good experiences, there’s one big flaw. according to the company in the slate article , most of the messages were spam. i experienced this as well.
the okcupid women were some of the best parts of the experience. in addition to giving you credit for the messages, they’re a good rep because they do care about other users. the larger the network, the larger the user base. i tried to increase my network of women by flagging women i thought looked interesting and by putting out my arm first. i received less than 20 messages from the matchmaking women. people in my demographic weren’t receiving many messages.