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MySQL – Inserting DB field value plus other user input

I’m working on a form that submits data to a MySQL database.
When the user inputs data on the form it is inserted into a database fine. However, I also want to be able to go back into the database and edit the data (update the value in the DB field) without having to re-enter the entire form.
Is there a way to “include” the database field value into the sql statement? I can’t seem to get it to work!


First, yes. You’ll need to use a placeholder in the query:
INSERT INTO table (text, text, text)
VALUES (‘user data’,’something’, ‘and more…’);

Then you’d need to use an UPDATE statement to change the value:
UPDATE table SET some_text = ‘updated data’ WHERE the_id = 1;

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Out of Intuition is only the second album of the Lord of the Myst. The concept was a totally different one and was very intriguing to me. Instead of a darkening of the mind, I experienced a new realm of freedom, and I was glad that I was able to be so vulnerable and open with a man who is seen as a very hard person on the front cover.

The album was also different in that it contained every possible genre I have ever listened to (like pop, rock, jazz, classical, funk, soul, pop rock, new wave, etc.), even though there is a total lack of any pop songs. A few songs are closer to the pop spectrum, such as “Walking on Water,” and “Perfect,” but they are only very recent songs. In general, I think the album was very well done, but it was still very adventurous and definitely outside the mainstream. So it was kind of a risk to release it.

Originally, I wanted to release the album on an indie label, but the idea got much more complicated. First, I thought it would be a lot of work to get it to market, because so many different people would have to play a role in the release, and second, it’s a lot of money to get a big label interested in your record. Then when we were halfway through the release, I was approached by a label called Cherry Red and the first thing they did was get lost in translation of all of the release information and payment information, so I was so frustrated and didn’t want to work with them anymore. After that was behind us, I approached my friend Steve Adams from Parlophone, who was my original boss from my solo album “Watershed” (he was the one to tell me that I needed to have a songwriting credit in my record), and he told me to do whatever I wanted to do. It was the only label that had the track listing in their database and was willing to release it. But that didn’t happen until after the release date had passed and we were