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AutoCAD is the most commonly used CAD program in the world, according to BCS Research. In August 2016, AutoCAD estimated that the total revenue from the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT family of products in 2016 was US$1.1 billion, and the estimated revenue from AutoCAD’s business-to-business (B2B) products was approximately US$285 million.


AutoCAD was originally released in December 1982 as a desktop application on a variety of personal computers (PCs) with internal graphics controllers, such as the Tandy 1000 and TRS-80. It was the first commercially available CAD program for personal computers. Since then, AutoCAD has had an important role in the field of computer-aided design (CAD), a computer-based process of creating drawings. By the mid-1990s, the desktop PC was growing in power and was widely adopted by professional users.

AutoCAD is a feature-rich drafting and design application. It has been developed as a platform for general-purpose, as well as specialized applications, in order to provide users with a wide range of interoperability.

AutoCAD has many types of views that enable users to visualize design models in different ways. Views of an AutoCAD model include some of the standard views that most users are familiar with: orthographic, isometric, and planar. Additional views include perspective, camera, and freehand.

The design process of CAD requires users to interact with different types of data. AutoCAD is not a database program. Instead, it presents users with a 2-Dimensional (2-D) view of design models, which is often supplemented by interactive features like point selection and labeling. The design of AutoCAD’s functionality includes a library of standard components that offer functionality to users. Although the user is the main element of AutoCAD’s functionality, third-party developers can implement custom components in AutoCAD. This helps CAD users build their own user interfaces and applications.


AutoCAD was first introduced in December 1982. It was a desktop PC application for the TRS-80, which ran on a Xerox 9100-II minicomputer with a 20 MB hard drive. It used the graphical graphics technology of the time, the Xerox Micro X-11, and was developed by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC).

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Revit (software)
A major competitor of AutoCAD, is Revit, also produced by Autodesk. Unlike AutoCAD, Revit is a parametric modeling software for architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and other engineering disciplines. A widely used addition to Autodesk products is the sister company, Autodesk’s 123D. Revit was launched in May 2007 and is now in its third major release. It is part of Autodesk product family of engineering and architecture applications.

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How to run before_destroy as a block?

I have a before_destroy callback that adds a line item into the redis cache. The problem is I’d like to have it run only once (on the first destroy action on a model)

I thought of trying to add something into a redis attribute but it will run on every destroy
I’d prefer not to duplicate the model in every after_destroy callback, especially as they would all have to be self executing

So how do I get the before_destroy to run only once?


You can also set a flag in your model.

Add a flag like “sync_model” to your model, a boolean variable.
Add a before_destroy callback that checks if that flag is false.

class MyModel = Point(getWidth(), getHeight());
return this;

* Creates a new point at the absolute coordinates of
* (x,y).
* @param x The X-coordinate of the point
* @param y The Y-coordinate of the point

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Run setup.exe and follow instructions.

You may have to register Autodesk Autocad as a program to use the Autocad power tools

Run Autocad power tools tool and follow instructions

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2. Description of the Prior Art
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In the process of manufacturing a BGA contact structure, the contact pad is made of a metal material such as copper (Cu) or nickel (Ni) by electroless plating or electroplating, and the underlying metal film is made of titanium (Ti) or chromium (Cr). The interlayer insulation film is made of an insulating material such as silicon dioxide (SiO2).
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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

New On-screen Tips:

Interactive on-screen tips provide immediate access to information on your screen. Click to learn more about keyboard shortcuts, fly over imagery, and more. (video: 7:58 min.)

New Adaptive Simulation:

Use full-screen adaptive simulation to ensure that your drawings are correct for whatever output method you choose. (video: 2:45 min.)

New Block Elevation and Geometry:

Enhanced geometry and a new filter have improved model fidelity. The new feature to increase geometry detail with the View command has been added. (video: 3:18 min.)

New Snap to Grid Commands:

Let Snap to Grid show grid lines for your drawings and models. New commands let you navigate Snap to Grid like any other view. Use the View, Snap, and Zoom commands with the mouse pointer set to Snap to Grid to achieve even faster navigation.

New Extension Mobility:

Easily share your drawings and models with others. Share your drawings and models on your website, mobile device, and even in the cloud using a cloud service. You can now import and export your drawings and models with the Scadx software.

New Crease Extrusion:

Creases appear in your drawings even when text objects are removed or removed. The new feature to connect multiple regions creates accurate crease lines.

New Draw Fit:

Draw on a scaled image of your design and automatically fit your design to the canvas. The drawing fit feature is available in 2D and 3D.

New Select in Scene:

Select all of your drawings, layers, and other objects at once. A new selector shows all selected items at once in the toolbox.

New View Mirroring:

View your drawings in a mirrored view and automatically adjust views to meet your drawing direction and orientation. Use the new Mirroring Tools, Edit, and View commands to quickly and easily mirror your drawings. (video: 2:18 min.)

New Design Editor:

The drawing tool palette provides easy access to your drawing tools. You can organize your tools by type, color, or collection to quickly access the tools you use most frequently.

New Graphics Rendering Quality:

Rendering quality has been enhanced with the new Color Mode setting. AutoCAD displays drawings faster and more clearly when Color Mode is set to Textured


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