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I have completed my PhD in 2006 from the Open University in the UK and have had no work for 3 years. I am currently interested in a Career in either Medical Electronics or the IT industry. I am looking to change my career path because i feel there are too many differences between the two industries and in the UK, both industries require very different subjects to qualify, which at the moment I cannot do due to my lack of experience. Wherever i have looked for work in the IT industry, I find that the employers are often unable to show any increase in profit to the company over a few months, and at the end of the 6 months the company is too embarrassed to even mention jobs in the same company. What i am looking for is a job which is the ability to generate money, and which is a career which i will still be in in 10 years time. I am interested in the Medical world and find that the equipment is easy to work with and generates a lot of work for a company to produce. I have tried applying for a 1-1 job, and have sent in my CV, but have no replies. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to contact me at pfpaul@hotmail.co.uk

This is a very good product (if you have a job or school), or if you are a software developer. It’s more difficult and limits the scope of what you are able to do, but it was relatively easy to program using PCCTR.
I saw a lot of “man” comments and a few “this sucks” comments. From my observations and your reviews, I believe that PCCTR is the best product currently available for programming porting Windows Mobile.

Can you give someone who is starting out a clear picture of what you did as a way to “learn” PCCTR?
You don’t put “PCCTR” in a “PC Tools and Utilities” or “Windows” section because you expect those people to know what PCCTR is.

You don’t post your comment about others suggesting that PCCTR is not a good way to learn what you want to learn because “it doesn’t teach how to learn” or because “it doesn’t support the real-world problem solving that I’d need”.

You don’t tell us that you are learning anything other than “PCCTR isn’t a good way for me to learn”.
That’s what you expect of