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Welcome to a bee hive, the real Amazon.com.
The mysterious escaped criminal, that bee, tries to flee of the prison. Even you, the player, is trapped as a bee!
But before you worry, you must find out where do you want to go. The map is packed with a stylish honey background, the 3D bee tries to attract the player.
Actually BadBee is a 2D escape game that has a simple mission, which is to collect honey pots and find the key, along other treasures on each level. You must think deeply about the best route strategies and solve any puzzles to complete each level.
? The game arena is wider than the mobile version
? Simple gameplay but hard to master
? Deep tactics to escape each stage from different challenges each level
? Not only collect the key but you should collect every honey pot per level
? Have to plan more than 3 stages, and every stage has 10 levels.
? Some levels have multiple rooms to more challenge
? You can play anywhere on different devices with steam cloud support



Developer: Bad Bee Games

Publisher: Bad Bee Games

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure


File size: 12 Mb

Offline: Yes

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BadBee-APK Download for Android PhoneFree download BadBee APK APP for Android phone and tablet FREE.BadBee APK has a new strategy escape challenge to help get out of prison. You are a bear in a cell. You find yourself trapped in a small cell with 2 doors. You need to find a key to open the door and get out of the prison.APK file size is about 5Mb. Don’t forget to share your comments and experience if you have any issue to download and install BadBee-APK file on your Android mobile phone.

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BadBee Features Key:

  • Simple rules for drawing circles, rectangles, and custom shapes
  • Choose and save your own custom shapes
  • Quickly create things like dragons, mines, and cogs
  • Want to draw some more territory?
  • Choose from different game modes
  • Start drawing right away
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    BadBee Activation Code With Keygen Free Download X64 [Latest] 2022

    BadBee Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an escape room adventure survival game with awesome gameplay and challenges. You must escape from the cage first, then collect honey pots on this map.
    Puzzle solving is deep gameplay and pure fun. You will not get bored playing this game, and believe me, you never thought that you could escape after you drop into the cell.
    The whole game has a nice story, just like a real experience for the BadBee For Windows 10 Crack.
    Where to go and how to escape the dangerous Bad Bee – the story map.
    Bad Bee is caught and locked in the honeycomb cell. If you want to save Bad Bee, you need to escape the honeycomb cell and collect the pot of honey.
    There is a map and the number of levels in every stage. The map is a series of honey pots. Every pot has a unique number, and you must collect them as many as you can.
    To complete each level in the game, you need to collect every honey pot. Along with the bottle of wine and the score, you have a chance to collect the last, which is locked in the secret room.
    You can use the strategy of each level, so each of them has a different number. For example, you can escape from the first stage, can get the pot of honey in the second stage, in the third stage there are three rooms, in the fourth stage there are two rooms.
    Each level of honey pots will surprise you with its unique puzzles. You will be forced to think deeply in order to find the right way to open the door, do not lose too much time.
    The game also has the configuration and the installation process.
    The interesting part of the game is that BadBee will not be left behind because of the poor image of the game. BadBee is an escape room adventure game that you must escape the BadBee.
    And if you do not solve some puzzles, BadBee will simply leave you without any help and only recreates the picture, such as a neat design. If you wish to look more Beautiful, you have the opportunity to use the beautiful skins as well as the powerful feature of steam cloud.
    With the full version of the steam cloud, you can play the game on any device within the network on the same room.
    !Game Features:
    # Types of content:
    1. Five stages of the journey of BadBee and can’t be any traps while you play it.
    2. The challenge of escape game, which in the game are the


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    Gather honey pots

    3 Honey pots

    Honey pot:

    How to Play:

    After the announcement of BadBee, there is a massive curiosity for the developers in the community. Escape games have been growing lately, so many different developers have been trying to make the best game, but the gameBadBee did not get that kind of feedback. That game was released in 2017, just a year ago. Unfortunately, it was not as successful as it should have been. However, for the developers of BadBee, that game has played a huge role in the direction of future games. The developers feel that it is good to make small games, to figure out more about the player and figure out what needs to be improved. For the concept of BadBee, the game has been making the game design more challenging, where you have to collect Honey pots. These pots have clues in them, with the hope of players to figure out what these pots represent. The challenge of the game is in more about the puzzle part and not collecting all the pots on the first try.

    If you are a lover of BadBee, you might want to get the update of BadBee, which is BadBee 2: escape from honeycomb. This update is huge, so it is something you can add to your collection of games that you have. BadBee 2: escape from honeycomb has a lot of elements that are new, and the gameplay is something you have not seen.


    BadBee 2 is the sequel of BadBee, a 2D Action Escape game in the style of a platformer. The first release of BadBee was a success. It had a lot of elements that were new for the developer. Some people were not really sure what was the most successful part of that game, so it took a while to figure out the game. The game was based on the concept of a prison break, so the prison is a metaphor for the game.

    You start the game with your executioner, where he tells you about the scenario of your escape. He explains the plot of the game, the concept of the game and tells you that you are going to be sent to jail because you are a criminal. And from that moment on, you will try to escape from this jail.

    The game is a 2D game, where you have to make your way


    What’s new:

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