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The web is a scary place for people looking to download unauthorized copies of software. It can be a nightmare if you are not well-versed with a website. Luckily, there are plenty of sites that are dedicated to making it easier for you to get the software you want. There are even sites with the sole purpose of downloading unauthorized copies of software. Let’s take a look at the best such sites. There are plenty of places to download apps on the Web, but not all of them are legitimate.

As always, the easiest places to find unauthorized software are torrent-style sites. According to their internet protocol address, the sites listed below are the best to download cracked apps for Android. There are dozens of pirate sites out there. This is a shortlist of the best ones based on their reliability and reputation.

The Pirate Bay remains one of the best torrenting sites out there. The site has been around for ages, but it just keeps getting better. Security patches and tweaks keep the site up to date with the latest versions of the browsers. You can browse through their unique search tool to find the file you want. Simply add the domain to your torrent client and enjoy!

Many people prefer to download apps from reliable sites instead of going for the cheaper option. Some of those sites will most certainly have “free” software. That’s great! But what you’re not going to get is a reliable experience. What it comes down to is this: are you really going to download from a site that’s not trustworthy? You have to weigh the convenience of paying a buck or two for a package against the risk that comes with downloading from unverified sources.