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Color Slots 2 is a puzzle game in the classical way of the Puzzle genre. Your task is to lead the ball through the colored blocks by pushing them. There are 4 difficulty levels. Each level has different colors and shapes of obstacles.

Premium Features:
♥ Free, paid, upgrade and maintenable levels
♥ 4,8,16,32,64 x mirror levels
♥ Customizable ball and background colors
♥ Fixed levels with 40,60,100,200,1000x levels
♥ Save game, highscores, level sharing via Facebook/Twitter

How to Install Color Slots 2?
1. If you already have the old version of Color Slots, uninstall it.
2. If you have not installed the game yet, just follow the instructions:

How to play and learn?
You don’t need to read any instructions, just play the game :)

Color Slots has a good variety of cases, from easy to challenging ones.
Your goal is to drive as far as possible, hitting a number of special blocks or

You can do this by simply tapping the colored buttons and watch the ball to roll.
How far it goes depends on your timing and, obviously, how fast the ball rolls.

Color Slots has 8 different difficulties. The difficulty corresponds with the
speed of the ball:
Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Each time you lose, the difficulty will increase.

You can choose a random case or an saved game from your current level.

Color Slots 2 gives you 4 different ways to play and several ways to unlock
several levels.

Other than the normal screen, you will also have a “Bonus” screen. Here you will
find several “bonus” cases that you can play before your actual ones. You can also
subscribe to the updates and get the latest version of the game instantly!

What’s New
* Version 3.1 has various bug fixes.
* Version 3.2 has the new mirror levels
* Version 3.3 has the new bonus level packs
* Version 3.4 has the new fixed levels
* Version 3.5 has the new levels from the new update
* Version 3.6 has the new cover art
* Version 3.7 has the new music pack
* Version 3.8 has the new latest version icon

How To Describe Color Slots In Two Lines?


Color Slots Features Key:

  • Glad to see that you are playing this game with real people on the site?
  • Welcome to this game. It is dedicated to you and your friends. You are
    a live audience.
  • How to play and a list of moves and strategies


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Color Slots is the first puzzle puzzle game with colors you will ever encounter. The game can be played by one or two players. Play the game anywhere, anytime and experience the multicolored puzzle madness.
First of all, there is a setting menu where you can turn on or off the sound or choose one of the many colors. You then have to choose some difficulty settings. There are three difficulties: – Easy – Medium – Hard. When you’re ready, start by clicking on the “Start” button. You may have seen many other such games, but this one is different and special. What is different: – the shapes the ball rolls over. – the figure’s structures. – the colors. – the music.
Your goal is to get the ball to the purple goal. There are 66 well-colored blocks. 5 of these colored blocks are red. Your task is to drop the ball in a path where the ball will not hit the figures. The figures are supposed to help you guide the ball.
The figure’s movements are controlled by the buttons. Pressing the blue button makes the figure slide upwards. Pressing the red button makes the figure slide downwards. There is a green button for the jump.
You also can jump the ball by pressing the green button. You can jump several figures, but not that many.
You can pick up the figures. Pressing the yellow button makes the figure fall. When the falling figure is close to the ball, it will roll the ball up. You can drive the ball over multiple figures.
The ball will roll off the blocks until there is a collision with a figure. The game starts over. You start at the beginning of the level and can finish it in three tries, so three game overs. You can start at any time. Pressing the “start” button again starts you again at the beginning of the level.
Your goal is to put the ball through the colored blocks and reach the purple goal. The figures help you and increase your score. If the ball hits a figure, it will roll up a few panels. If you guide the ball over the figures by pressing the correct buttons at the right moment, you will increase the score. You can increase your total score by bouncing off several of the colored blocks.
There are 15 figures in Color Slots. The first figure serves as a bonus figure. The two figures in the middle are the lights and they flash. If they are lit, then the ball must be dropped under them.


Color Slots Free

Download and play the game for free:

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The tasks are easy and will take you about 1-2 hours per day, they are:
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What’s new in Color Slots:


Desktop: 2

Egg Slot: 1

Evolution Species:

Dragonite can evolve into 6 different dragons, which are listed below. The evolutions are randomly selected from the 6 evolution species. Most people have a coin-flip chance to obtain a specific dragon depending on their Collection Prize.

Also keep in mind when you must use an Evolve. If you can catch one of the Pokemon below, the number of coins you need to pay to evolve that Pokémon increases. Talk to your Pokemon Officer to see how the coins are applied.

Evolution has been removed.To evolve this Pokemon, you must obtain its Dragonite Egg, and also spend a certain amount of coins.

This egg can be found on the ground of an island that looks like a mini-game. Once you obtain its egg, you must take it outside and jump onto its back so it’ll pop out of the egg hatch. If you don’t jump onto its back, it’ll stay in the egg and you’ll need to get another.

You’ll have to raise the Dragonite for a while until it starts to Level Up

Basically you’ll need to use your coins to give it 1 Heart and 3 Flourish Spells during the Day

Once its Level is 13, you’ll need to give it 2 Heart and a Flourish Spell on the following day.

Once its Level is 18, you’ll need to give it 2 Hearts and a Flourish on the following Day.

If you remember correctly, you’ve given the Dragonite all 4 Hearts and 4 Flourishes and its evolved form will appear


If you use the right type, you’ll be able to attack the enemy effectively.

Water Type – You make most of your attacks with Water-Type moves, however, you cannot use any attack with Butterfree.

Fire Type – You make most of your attacks with Fire-Type moves, however, you cannot use any attack with Pinsir.

Normal Type – You make some attacks with Normal-Type moves, however, you cannot use any attack with Snivy.

Flying Type – You make some attacks with Normal-Type moves, however, you cannot use any attack with Treecko.

Bug Type – You make some attacks with Bug-Type moves, however, you cannot use any attack with Venusaur.

Ice Type – You make some attacks with Ice-Type


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    System Requirements:

    • 2GB Memory.
    • IE7 or above is the recommended browser.
    • 512 MB Ram enough.
    • Graphic card needed that support OpenGL.



    Display a Grid with Group Components in Lightning

    Is it possible to display multiple rows of Group Components in a lightning data table format?
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    System Requirements For Color Slots:

    Intel Pentium 4 1.0 GHz or higher
    4GB of RAM
    Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    Internet Explorer 9 or higher
    Connection to the internet
    Video: 512MB of memory
    Video: 1280×720 resolution
    Audio: 16bit compatible sound card
    Language support: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech
    Legal Information:
    The creators of the SteamVR Beta are Valve Corporation,
    with assistance from the makers of Oculus Rift, and