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Prices as seen on the website.Les bibles · The First Week of Creation, Day 4,. Science Meets Religion, Daniel Dennett · St Stephen the Martyr-Church Trip,. The Book of Jubilees: Law, Covenant and Gospel, Geshem · The Twilight Years: The Conclave of 1265-1266, Derek Thomson and J..Matangi, India

Matangi (Māṭāţig), Jharkhand, India is a village and a (now defunct) market in Giridih district. Historically, it was a part of the princely state of Damoh, and under the Indian National Congress’s control after the Indian Independence Movement’s freedom struggle. Matangi is known for its caskets (sometimes still in use) which are made of Khanda stone.

A BHOOMIYA (freemason) lodge (so called because it was built by brothers who came from Bhoomiya Lodge) is said to have been situated here. It is now a restaurant. Originally, it had 12 levels and a facade as old as the colonial buildings of Mumbai.

In the past, Matangi held an annual flower show. It was a part of the Giridih district. There were special celebrations in honor of the saint (or sants), in the villages of Bijor, Golaghat, Kuti, Matangi and Pinaka. The floral competitions were judged according to creativity, fragrance, color and overall presentation. The contestants were Pahada women who bought the flowers from the local farmers in the wholesale market, but at the climax of the competition, it was the women’s sewing skills that were the true measure of their victory. The highest award went to a woman from Matangi who won the flower competition six consecutive years.


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