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Should I implement custom REST service on my server?

Currently, my client is using my iPad app to communicate with my server.
My client is able to send parameters to my server using a URL, and getting results back from my server.
The server has the capability to do SQL operations with the DB, but no other application oriented functionality.
The iPad app communicates with the server through the use of a URL that has four parameters.
Is it overkill to have a custom REST service that will be able to receive and return result by other parameters?


Well, the advantage of a REST API is that you can REST over other REST APIs. In practice, this means you can deliver your API by a simple URL and have it consumeable by any application that understands HTTP and REST.
The other advantage is that it will be much easier to extend with new functionality. In your case, this means you get to extend your API with a new method to do SQL operations.
However, of course, this also means that your API will be a bit more complex to build than a simple GET, POST or PUT request. There is no way around that. But in my opinion, this comes with the territory when building a REST API.

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