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A fantasy action role-playing game in which you become an opponent to a powerful and mysterious opponent, the Elden Lord.

Become a hero and guide the world into an unknown future while fighting with the power of the legendary Elden Ring Cracked Version and become an Elden Lord.

You can customize your appearance freely. There are countless combinations of accessories and weapons, and you can freely mix and match them.

You can create your own unique character. You can freely choose the race and gender of your character and freely develop your character.

The game’s massive world is connected by the Territories, a series of different lands that are vast, rich in contents, and diverse in culture.

You can investigate and fight together with other players in an asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

You can customize and play in a dynamic and exciting game that allows even novice players to have fun.


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Elden Ring Technology is an action role-playing game developed by KOGNUS, a leading development company in the global gaming industry. The game was first released for iOS and Android in 2016. The game hit the number 1 ranking in the daily chart on the Apple App Store. And reached the number 1 ranking in the daily chart on the Google Play Store in a short time.
At the time of its release, Elden Ring has achieved various awards. Since then, it has gone on to achieve number 2 rank in the “2018 Global New CRPG Charts” in the category of “Fantasy Action Role-Playing Game”.

Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game (RPG


Features Key:

  • Adventure comedy of epic proportions: In the Lands Between, where a hero is reborn,
    role-play that gains maximum value with the combination of action and comedy.
    Experience the exhilaration of superlative fiction using the fantasy of ancient mythology.

  • Brandish Divine Wrath and become a hero of unparalleled power and legend: Equip a magnificent weapon,
    and wield its great power.
    Abe-senpai is back at last, and after following his crazy love story, he has been reborn as a new being.

  • Special items: Prepare as an Untamed Spirit and become an Untamed Spirit.
    Become the true hero, a hero of legend.

  • Equip equipment, and customize as you please: Equip a magnificent sword, and wield it to bash enemies
    and reclaim treasure.
    Be the chieftain that your village deserves.
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    • Ordinary Gaming I for your smartphone, tablet PC, or PC.
    1. Unique Social Action RPG – Non-Targeted Multiplayer Game
    Online non-targeted multiplayer game that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    • Digital Dungeons – Dungeon RPG Online Game with a variety of Battle Modes
    Detailed and three-dimensional dungeons with a variety of background scrolls, effects, and customization abilities.
    “In the future, a few hundred years from now, the World of Tarnished Idol where unknown forces have destroyed the Kingdom of Aldama is in crisis. The lands have been left without a ruler, and the other countries of the Lands Between are in turmoil. It is said that a single Elden Lord can control the entire world, and the power to change history. Users who are a few thousand years old have been secluded from the world, but the Gods of the World of Tarnished Idol, the God of Magic, the Goddess of the Sea, and the God of Earth, have announced that they have chosen a single person to rule the world.”
    Players without a crystal mark, which is the mark of a chosen one, perform a ritual in a certain time, at a certain day, and in a certain place. As a result of their ritual, players go to a specific world as the Divine Spirits of the three Gods.

    Players in the World of Tarnished Idol receive battle commands from the Holy Guardians that are known as the Divine Spirits. When receiving battle commands, the players perform battle actions in front of the related Divine Spirit. If the player performs the correct battle action, the Divine Spirit will change its goal. As a result, players can travel and fight all over the country.
    The battle action that receives the highest score from the Divine Spirit will become the priority goal for the player for that battle.
    The player travels freely within the country without committing a crime, and fights the monsters with a high battle score. As they travel through the country, the player can collect items and experience various events.
    You can control other players while traveling. If you have a special ability, then you can use it after traveling.

    ■ This is a Non-Targeted Multiplayer Game that allows players to use abilities to control other players.
    The player who attacks the enemy receives points, which increase the level and ability score. The player who receives the lowest score is eliminated.
    The player who receives the highest score becomes the winner.
    When multiple players are playing


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    – A vaste world

    – Create your own character

    – Endless dungeons

    – Details of the story in fragments

    – Epic drama born from a myth

    – Unique online play

    – Online asynchronous support


    New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay

    – Visit new worlds

    – Craft weapons and armor

    – Customize your appearance

    – Equip weapons, armor, and magic

    – Explore the world

    – Battle the enemies that attack

    – Complete quests

    – Detailed story in fragments


    Intro (DLC)

    Gameplay ELDEN RING Video Walkthrough


    Gameplay ELDEN RING 2nd Video Walkthrough


    Playstore page

    Teaser Trailer



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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    27 Jun 2010 04:01:17 +0000Elden Ring Development TeamSwimming With Sharks – The Robot’s of the Maldives

    Could you survive in the jungles of the Maldives if you couldn’t swim? Play as the Robot up to 8 times in each round while trying to avoid being gobbled up by a hungry shark or become dead yourself.


    Game Complexity:

    What you will find in the jungle:

    1. Day/Night cycle
    2. Ants
    3. Gravestones
    • The Ants are dangerous. They are always on the move. Watch out, they will always be at your feet while you sleep!
    • Gravestones: If you sleep near one of these stones, a shark is bound to eat you.

    A smaller version of the challenge in Swimming With Sharks.

    1) Try to hit a shark in the back and prevent it from turning around and chomping you.
    2) Can you get past the mines?
    3) Try to get a lucky “God Blessing”. A nice time value instead of a penalty!
    4) When you die try and find your dead body. You might be able to revive it!

    12 Jun 2010 02:59:58 +0000Sarah DavisWhat do you say to a person who is caught?

    Is there ever


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Run the setup file to install the software.
  • Run the “Config.exe” file for network and gameplay settings.
  • Play the game and enjoy!
  • How to by & Protect your game…:

    • TURN OFF your ANTIVIRUS / Antispyware / Phishing protection.
    • Confirm your ID on the forum and let me know.
    • Install TURBOGARE then MAX TURBOWARE to set up your game environment.

    The Games…:

    • Warrior of Elden Ring

    • Warrior of Elden Ring Prologue

    • Escape from Space 301

    • Escape from Space 302

    • Afterscape: Rebirth

    • Afterscape: Ravage

    • Escape from Zombie

    • Escape from Silence

    • Escape from Slow Death

    • Afterscape: Secret of the Cage

    • Afterscape: The Lost City

    • Escape from Trinity

    • Escape from City 0

    • Escape from City 1

    • Escape from City 2

    • Escape from City 3

    • Escape from The Hell Tower

    • Escape from Might

    • Escape from Dark Dimension

    • Escape from HE…

    • Escape from HP…

    • Escape from HD…

    • Escape from Escape Duel

    • Escape from Darkness

    • Escape from Heavenly Sword

    • Escape from Blue Sky

    • Game:



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows Vista or 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Processor: 2.0 GHz dual-core or faster (2.8 GHz Quad Core or faster)
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: DX10 or later compatible graphics card
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 2 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    Windows Live may be required to play or stream Xbox One games. If you choose not to install this, you will be unable to play or watch this content


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