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I use openjdk to avoid binary-incompatible changes to java-related software. Here’s the command I use to test when I have stable, not openjdk-based, java:
journalctl -t jvm.1.service
Another example. If you are only seeing GC errors with using the 32-bit jre, it could be that you have 32-bit-only applications which are using only 32-bit system classes.
If you log it, you will see:
Sep 23, 2011. The changes, which are included in a new version of the Java Plug-in, will be enabled by default starting with Java 7 update 31. However, they will not be enabled by default starting with Java 8 update 61.
It is the default for most applications.
Other websites have their own instructions, but they are still correct, as far as the default JVM that is embedded in an application is concerned.
In order to use the 64-bit JVM, you have to use the Java Preferences panel from the.
Java Control Panel.
And, when you are done, it will ask you if you want to use it again the next time.
So, if you already use the 64-bit JVM in the same application, you will want to click the.
Use this JVM again check box to continue.
If you do not, you will need to restart any application that you use, to get the.
Jan 17, 2019. The Java 7 update number 31 (7u31) comes out on September 7th.
This update contains a couple changes.
First of all, it now uses the 64-bit version of HotSpot JVM which is the default JVM.
Even though, it still relies on the 32-bit version of JVM for the system.
For more information, refer to Update 31 of the Java SE 7 SDK.
The update also adds support for Getopt, commonly used for command-line applications and utilities, in the.
Java API.
Settling with “insecure” status.
Java 8 update 61 (8u61) will be released in October.
The new update will bring changes to Java Runtime Environment and Java compiler.
Java 8 update 61 contains 3 changes.
First of all, HotSpot JVM is now the default JVM for the system.
Due to that, the default JVM for 32-bit applications is removed.