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HD Online Player (o Mensageiro 720p Dublado Torrent)


HD Online Player (o Mensageiro 720p Dublado Torrent)

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Is the dragon in Beauty and the Beast a gynoid?

When the Snow White Queen created her seven (female) Dwarves, was she afraid the dwarves might be cyborgs? Or some part of her feared they might be gynoids?


Short answer: No.
The dwarves of the mountain where Snow White was born are said to have been born from a man and woman. This is established in the movie and in the novelization.

The original seven dwarves are all human. Moreover, none of them have been seen to be anything other than human throughout the series. Of course, three have died, but it’s always been established that Snow White eventually found their deaths suspicious.

Even the origin of the dwarves (as humans) is uncertain, with the possibility that they are in fact half-wild, half-men, as were the original humans of the island of Neverland (the setting for the original Once Upon a Time).

Where they come from is even more dubious. No one seems to know. Snow White was raised on a mountain, and the menagerie of animals in the forest are not of a strange, anthropomorphic origin.

In the novelization, there is a very odd line in the prologue:

Princess never knew how the dwarves came to be. At some time in their history, a woman and a man were knocked to the ground by a great rock; beneath that rock there was a cave, and in that cave dwelt the dwarves, who had never before seen a face with skin that wasn’t their own. She believed them to be descendants of the old-world wild-men who once lived deep in the forest. But, though she was a princess, none of the legends she had been taught had so much as hinted at such a thing as dwarves, let alone that they were half-men, half-animal.
Beauty and the Beast: The Official Guide (novelization)

Swimming at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men’s 100 metre backstroke

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