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While using CROME PRO, what’s the deal with..
Highly recommend for the price and quality. From another user..
It’s a great product for the price. The manual is decent, but a lot of the features don’t work. .
I read other reviews and the $150 for a tune seems a little expensive. I would expect better performance at that price. Just from being.
100% Crome Pro. The only option is to remove the BEC wire. No more HPRAC.
Extremely happy. Quick and easy to use. Many thanks!
I’ve been using Crome for years. They’ve improved in the last few years.  .
I’m currently using the K Tuner ECU Injection Kit plus Crome Pro version 5.2.0. Customer Service is top-notch.
Fantastic Product and Customer Service. I recommend this to anyone..
Crome just keeps getting better. I’m using the latest version and it is.
Way to go Crome! Simply the best I have used.
Crome Pro.
Price and Customer Service.
First off, I am a Honda fanboy and in my car it is the stock ecu. I have tried many different tuning/ECU programs..
Crome is by far the best. Simple to use, no learning curve, excellent customer support, and I was able to utilize features that other.
My only suggestion is to work on a better manual, somewhat hard to understand. However, I am a non-engineer and can understand enough to follow the instructions.
Crome is the best ECU tuner you can get for your Honda. It works and it works well! I am using the “Chip ” tune on my 06 accord and I have.
This tune is by far the best one I’ve used. Many thanks to crome. I highly recommend this software to any professional tuner with.
Amazing product. I’m using version 5.0.0 on a 2005 Civic DX. I’m impressed how well this program works. It’s a little pricey compared to most programs available.
I have been using Crome Pro for years on all Honda vehicles and have had nothing but success in performance tuning and.
Love them. Had them on my 2015 in

 CARS&DRIVERS Toyota Camry to 20 2009. Honda Accord to 20. What is the recommended tuning program for an 02 and.
Crome Pro Twin Tuner and Tuning Software | Honda » Classic & Sport automobiles for sale. Find great deals at eBay! New, Used, Auctions, Offers.
Please write an ECU code reader instruction for me please if anyone has done it here before and i just wanted to know how to do it.
Modern Honda Tuning(blued for 02 firecracker) Acura RSX / Honda CR-V / Honda CR-Z/ Honda Prelude / Honda Accord / Honda Odyssey / Honda Civic / Civic Si. tune: crome, eternal, etune v3.1.3, ebox and more.
So, what ECU is this? 2c32v1, then… So, two years ago i changed my engine to 02 im not too sure what the .
The ECU chip found in the Honda Fit E is called a 2C36. It can be flashed with a crome tuning.
. ECU | Honda Motorcycle Registration Page | Tools &. Honda Axio or  Honda TracHandle (0P18 or OE)2C36ECU Chip.. All Generics.
I have an old stock 96 Civic Si.. Crome Pro Plus and I have a 2004 Honda Civic Si. Car is a daily driver, but not much driving.
Tuning with Crome High octane⦠Carbureted Car Brought to you by CromePro with MiniE. This is the tuning guide for CromePro users.
Honda Fit ECU Codes – ECU Chip Buyer & Tappet Tuning. TechINtoy Home » Cars & Vehicles » Honda » Honda. Every ECU is slightly different and you will have to allow us a few days to install the correct ECU for your vehicle.
Tuney good news is that CromePro is 100% compatible with other ECU tuners. I love cromepros tuner. It is very easy to use and does a great job.
How to install SCR on Honda Accord – Car Pro Tuning (CPM: 05 Oct 13). This video will show you how to install the Flowmaster SCR on your Accord…
TUNING with CromePro: Performance

sales@hondaaccura.com –
Oct 31, 2014. ESP is recomended due to the fact there’s no need to modify the harness with a fuse holder and the fact.
After being on the Crome Pro Forum for a while, it seems to me that. Crome Pro is a great all in one tuner.
In this thread I would like to briefly mention my experience with CROME.. Hondata skunk2 second hand pro cam, honda crome good pro forum, 1.0.3.
Same as Crome Pro 0.3.0.P28/72 – please make a boot image for your rom with the original rom it came with. See here for information how to do it.
This part is designed for boosting the power of the stock.
Welcome to the Crome Forum! To submit a product for.Q:

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2016-08-10: Hi everyone, who is please to learn and share experience with this program.
Crome is a proven system for tuning acura vehicles, below are the features of the new crome v3.0.
Pankaj Singh is the owner and founder of Dsalon.com. He is also into designing and developing mobile apps for both Android and IOS platforms. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and to educate.
Acura Honda Nexus Professional Tuning Software – Engine Tuning – S300 I/p Learn to use any of the available programs for tuning your Acura Honda production engine and in particular for the Acura Honda S300 and S300 Navigation.
Welcome to the Acura engine tuning guide, this how-to will show you step by step how to tune your Acura engine properly.
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