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Next, one of the popular websites is DroidDirect.com, Its a free website that lets you get cracked games, apps, and other stuff and download them to your PC or Android device. This site is mostly https://4windows.net/pdfchef-download-patch-with-keygen/ safe as compared to other sites where there are millions of active users.

Another one is OpGames.com. This site has a ton of cracked games and apps for gamers. These are the most safe and reliable torrents. They are screened and checked by their https://filesduck.com/privacy-policy/ team to make sure they contain viruses.

Another one that can be considered safe is Mr.Unbox.com, in this website you will get all cracked games that you may want on one site, games at a very reasonable rate, it might not be the latest ones but it will get you cracked apps. You can check out more of the site HERE.

A major site that I use is ABN, its a free website that hosts over 800,000 free software. Unfortunately it is not an official site, but their software is very legit and has been downloaded over 140,000,000 times. In this website, you will also find cracked games and apps.

Download Alltop apps is another very popular site to download cracked software, it has almost a million subscribers. They host their own applications, and also host their own cracked games and apps. Its an amazing site for all the gamers who like to get crack games and apps.

Another website to download cracked software is Downloadable.com, is a great site for gamers that hosts a lot of cracked software, apps, and more. They make sure the cracked software is working well, and not corrupted or faulty.

There is no doubt that the windows release version of games is more satisfactory than its cracked versions. Most people tend to ask whether cracked or full version is better? This is completely personal. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages. This is why, a few people choose to rely on free cracked versions. In my opinion, such free cracked versions are not as safe as their full versions.