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A really cool and beautiful online portal that gathers all the tools that you need for downloads and adventures. Some of the main features include: downloading, previewing and sharing the books you download, reading books with the bookmarks saved to your device, freely sharing your books with your friends and more. In addition, the website also has the ability to mark the books you liked the most, thus creating a sort of recommendation engine.

What comes to mind when you hear the term ebook? Many people assume that it is a paperback; but, in reality it is everything but. An e-book is an eBook or digital document that you can read on any e-reader device, smartphone, tablet or computer. Both the Android and iOS platforms offer many innovative apps that help users to view and read eBooks. So, do make sure that before downloading any eBook, you thoroughly research about it to ensure that it has not been pirated and to make sure that it is legitimate.

Since the older versions of Android did not support a lot of e-readers, many people could not read or download the eBooks on their smartphones, but now the situation has changed. So, if you have an Android smartphone, then it is better to go for Smashwords app which is a free app to read eBooks on Android. The app has its own e-reader, called a Smashwords reader and supports more than 80 types of eBooks with fully searchable text. For the other platforms, there are many other apps like Calibre (which is an open source app) that enable you to download eBooks and read them on your smartphone or tablet.