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This site works a lot like the Google Play store but is for Windows users. Windows users can browse the site and download software to their computers. You can also find games, music, and other free software on this site.

You can use this site to browse for free and original software and use a completely safe and secure download manager to download them. Just be careful in the software you download because your computer may ask you to upgrade it. It will display in your operating system’s list of programs.

You’ll likely have to register with this site to download Software from their site. The site is for Windows and Mac users but it works to get your program, movie, or other file directly to you.

All of the software programs are secure, safe, and original. The site is very easy to navigate and is very similar to the Google Play store. They only offer free apps but you can find free games, music, movies, and other things free here. If you find an app or other download that you think is worth downloading, you can always Give it a try and have it installed with a click.

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