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All these sites are given in alphabetical order. Let’s look at the websites that do not have the necessary legal license for downloading pirated software. Now let’s move on to the 4 sites that do not let you download cracked software for free. ThePirateBay.org lets you download pirated software for free. It is not the most reliable site as it gets flooded with malware, spyware, viruses, and other mal-designed software files. This site has been shut down by its owners several times due to several legal threats. To download pirated software, you need to search for the desired file and then download it from there. You need to be very aware of the virus / malware that you could be downloading and you need to be careful.

Torrenttrackers.com is another site that lets you download cracked software for free. Again, this is a very risky site. You do not get any guarantee that the software that you download from this site is safe or legal. Torrenttrackers.com is one of the most reliable sites to download cracked software. But it has also been linked to legal threats so do not visit it.HDStar.eu is another site that gives you the opportunity to download cracked software. This site is home to a variety of software. You get to download cracked software that is compatible with your Android and PC devices.

There are many software, apps and games which are available on the internet free of cost. However, those are usually tampered and you will not be able to install them on your computer without getting into legal troubles with the companies of the creators. But, these websites offer those working cracked software to download. Hence, you don’t need to download a cracked software or pay them any money for it. We are going to share some of the best websites to download cracked software, apps and games for you.