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Marengo Grove (UK: No. 171, 595/965/1069-15) is a historic country house in Loughlinstown, County Westmeath, Ireland.

The Conolly estate at Grattanstown, west of Mountrath, was established in the 16th century by Thomas Conolly (born 1553 in Dublin and died 1631 in Grattanstown), a descendant of the Conolly, Printers families of Dublin and the Eustace family of Balbriggan. Grattanstown was the family’s seat, located to the north of the Lough, with Loughlinstown, the next property south, being the residence of the Conolly of Grattanstown. In 1673, Robert Curtain (the first Earl of Feare) of Moorepark, County Meath, acquired the estate of Grattanstown, including Marengo Grove, for a consideration of £15,000. The occupant was then known as Robert Curtain of Curtain Castle. The Reverend Patrick Francis Curtain (1775-1836), son of Robert Curtain, inherited the property in 1811. He was a Co-Commissioner of the East India Company. On his death in 1836 he was succeeded by his brother, the Honourable Rowland James Curtain, 2nd Baron Bective. He was a Whig MP for Stratton in Parliament. His son, John Rowland Curtain was a Justice of the High Court and President of the High Court during the Irish Union and thereafter a Senator in the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

In 1897, the estate passed by will to John Tuite, a descendant of the Curtain family. He let the property, by then known as Marengo Grove, to Henry Hookham France, who lived at the estate until his death in 1930. He had been an attorney in the Dáil and was an important donor to the Irish Famine Fund and to the Liverpool Irish Club. After his death the property was auctioned in 1930 and, in 1933, was bought by the Darcy Walshe family.

The house


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