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Instruction Manuals for VideoWare-2.0



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I actually found a workaround. Just type /plugin (you can see the command in the top right corner of the GUI) and it will activate the DLL. I tried to add the /plugin because there was a way to do it, and it did not work with msi.


After Installing Krpano and a few additional programs needed for Krpano to work properly, I did the following:

File -> Command Prompt
Navigate to the folder where you extracted the rar file
Type “notepad” to open the notepad program
In the notepad program, find the following line of text.

The way this line of text is formatted, is that there is an opening parenthesis, a carat, then a space, a closing parenthesis, and a closing carat, in which some of the parenthesis may be missing. I found this out by using a word processor to highlight the lines of text, and copy them to the notepad program.

When you have the line of text that you found copied into the notepad program, paste it into the notepad program.
Now that you have the line of text copied, go into the folder with the.exe file. Your line of text should be on the first line of the notepad file.
Save the file

This should solve the issue!


To resolve this issue, from Win7 or W10,
Open cmd window.
pdbot.exe /plugin

Follow the prompt.
Download it and install it.


Installing KRPano from the disc worked. It is the bug that