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Karam Movie //TOP\ Download In Hindi Hd 720p

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Karam Movie Download In Hindi Hd 720p

shivani has her doubts and starts feeling indebted to deviprasad, but their relationship turns good when deviprasad gets engaged to her, when he meets deviprasads daughter-in-law, shobhana, for the first time. the point is that shobhana dreams of living away from sundergarh and wants to settle in new delhi. she hides this from her father and mother, wanting to move there with her husband and give her child a better life. she tries hard to convince her father and mother to sell their sundergarh property to them but they do not agree to it. sarjuprasad, however, approves of their decision, and he even gets them an apartment in delhi. one day, shobhana is killed in a road accident. before she dies, she asks her father to send a letter to ajay to his house in delhi. after that, she turns into a ghost and haunts him and his family.

one day, the ghost reappears in a girl, preeti, who has just entered school. she starts haunting ajay and his family members and warns them of horrible things to come if she does not come back. then, shobhana returns as a ghost too, but her appearance is different, preeti explains. shobhana reveals the gruesome truth behind their mother and her death. she tells that long ago, back in 1998, they went on a pilgrimage from gujarat to hrishikesh. on the way, their car fell into a river and they were all drowned. deviprasad was the sole survivor and, when he came to know that his daughter and son-in-law were gone, he could not face his daughter. he committed suicide by drowning himself in the river.

that night, ajay and shobhana return to haunt them, and they all witness the event in a dream state. in the dream, they go to the river, where both of them feel cremated, while shobhana, reborn, tells ajay to forget everything that happened.

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