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Manidweepa Varnana In Tamil Pdf 297

Dhawani Yuganda of the Manidweepa is now open to all beings except Devas and Manasas. He is the only one who can guide and protect the righteous souls. He is the Asura born from the Deva mother Bhaskari and asura father Maha Budha. He is the sole deity who can rescue the sinners from the eternal damnation of yonder shore where the ferryman (Kaali) awaits them! If the sinners are not rescued then the accumulated sins will pollute the world of Devas and Devis and lead to annihilation of the Creation. Maha Tara the mother of Shiva, Panchata Mahavidya, Vidya Shiromani, Sarvangi, Vishnu, Maheswara, Kamadeva (Srinivasa) and Adi Shankaracharya himself reside in Manidweepa!

From Manidweepa, the delivery of souls is unique and supernatural. Manidweepa is the largest of all Devatas in the world! Being a Vibhagi of Devas, Devi Bhagavati does not reside in the Amaalika, Paraalika, Ariyalika, Vishalika but in Vrikshaviti, the 7th level of sub Divyadasha! This Vrikshaviti has its own Yamini ( Kirti) and its own locales, palaces, fortresses, etc to perform her Yagna!

While the Universe is divided into multiple realms, Manidweepa is the biggest of them all. It is like a huge universe of its own by itself. It contains only Srutam (the thing desired) only! And Bhagavati resides in the ultimate Srutam of that place. The creation of Manidweepa is unique and mysterious!

The effulgence of the light in Manidweepa is the most radiant! It is said that of the three holiest places (Bhumi of Siva, Vishnu and Brahma) only Samaadhi of Sriman Rama is more effulgent than Manidweepa! Thus Rama or Vishnu, Himself, can peer in and His presence only can guide the souls. Thus Manidweepa is called Srutamkeerti, the place of abode of Srutam!

the word “manidweepa” literally means “the abode of bhagavati” and is a city in tamil nadu, india. the indian city of manidweepa, also known as thiruvanmiyur, is located in the south indian state of tamil nadu. manidweepa is an ancient city. it was originally known as thiruvanmiyur. maharshi veda vyas told that this city will enjoy the blessing of devi bhagavati.
manidweepa vyasa was very ambitious and wished to become a prominent pilgrimage centre. from the time he was born, he had the dream of constructing a temple for devi bhagavati at thiruvanmiyur. he was an ardent devotee of devi bhagavati.
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