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Preoperative oral feeding is often weaned in preparation for major abdominal surgery, but the impact of using standard or modified parenteral nutrition (PN) on postoperative red blood cell (RBC) transfusion requirements and length of stay (LOS) is unknown. In this retrospective study, we compared the effects of standard and modified PN on RBC transfusion requirements and LOS after transplantation. We compared the effect of using standard or modified PN on RBC transfusion requirements and LOS in 303 patients undergoing liver transplantation. We excluded patients who either were transfused with packed RBCs within the 10-day preoperative window or who received enteral nutrition for at least 3 days postoperatively. LOS was shorter in the modified group when compared with the standard group (4 days vs. 9 days; P


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A special benefit concert to be held Saturday evening, December 7th in the Forum Theatre’s Lobby Hall is now available for sale. Proceeds will be donated to benefit Marlboro County Medical Center and The Community Food Pantry of Chittenden. Tickets may be purchased via PayPal at www.donationboxes.com/amber.

“Amazing Grace in Concert” will feature performances from Joel Goldsmith on keyboard, David LaChance and the Sanctuary Choir, Charles Moffatt on violin, Evan Quillen on guitar, Tia Saponaro on flute, Mary Ann Lohr on percussion, and Jesse Rubbish in a special musical environment as a tribute to Those Who Serve Us. It will also feature the original song, “If The World Could See,” written by David E. McComb for his daughter, Lacy McComb.

“We are blessed to have a number of great musicians in our area who are so willing to come together to help,” said Kristin Beyea, vice president of the Medical Center and Community Food Pantry. “As a community we have come together to support one another in so many ways. Everyone should feel welcome and included in our community. The concerts are a way for the community to support those less fortunate and we are proud to host such an amazing group to help in this effort.”Interactive charts for commodity money market

Thursday, June 1, 2017 – 17:28

The yield curve inverted for the first time in three years on Wednesday, with the yield on the benchmark 10-year note falling below that on the