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Nx Os Emulator Titanium 5.1(2) Vmware Image


Nx Os Emulator Titanium 5.1(2) Vmware Image

This is not a good solution, as you’ll end up with a 1.5 TB virtual machine.
Finally, note that there’s not much you can do about the ~2 GB of empty space left after you’ve uncompressed the image.
If you don’t want to waste space just about anything will do, even 10x flopier or a headless computer you’ve bought on eBay.


1 – First, you need a VMware image of version 5.1.2 or greater. You can use anything to back that up and restore it should you need to. As @Cerberus pointed out, if you don’t back it up, then you’re left with a virtual machine that’s about 2 GB in size.
2 – Next, you need to download the following file, place it on a workstation’s hard drive, and restore it from there.

3 – Next, launch a command prompt (e.g. windows “cmd” shell) on your workstation and run the following command:

4 – This will write out the Titanium image to your workstation’s hard drive.
5 – Finally, go to the directory where you saved the Titanium file and copy the file to “C:Program FilesTitanium” by running this command:
C:Program FilesTitanium>xcopy /s /y “C:NX-Titanium-5.1.2-build-number” “C:Program FilesTitanium”

Note: as of this posting, it looks like xcopy /s /y /v /c is now required for correct operation.
If you’re going to use a lot of these Titanium images (to simulate a large environment) I suggest putting the VMware image into a compressed file and backing that up. Otherwise, I’d recommend just sticking with something like VirtualBox.
I hope this helps.

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And I did the same upgrade in Vmware workstation following this :

Installing Cisco Nexus Operating System

Nx Os Emulator Titanium 5.1(2) Vmware Image

But I can not start the virtual machine.
VMware has given me this error :

vmware.cisco.com/cvm/vmdk/host/image (0x0) already exists

After long time searching about this error, I found that this could be a problem of configuration files.

When I try to create a new virtual machine, VMware Workstation 8 does not create a new virtual machine when I start the VM (I can see the template, but it does not seem to do anything).

When I try to create a new virtual machine, VMware Workstation 8 does not create a new virtual machine when I start the VM (I can see the template, but it does not seem to do anything).

After days searching about this error, I found this post, and I did what this post suggested:

So I changed the /etc/vmware/config-machine.xml into this :

To my surprise, it worked.
Can anybody tell me why did it work and how can I use this VMware configuration file in VMware workstation 8?


So, it did not work for me. But I tried another solution, which is actually very easy to do.

I downloaded Nexus OS from the first link (version 3.0.3) because it was the only one who supported vSphere.
I created a new virtual machine with the new ISO image by selecting “Create Virtual Machine…”.
Then I installed the ISO.
Then I created a new virtual machine with VMware Workstation 8 and selected “Create Virtual Machine…”.
Then I entered the name of the VM and the disk size.
I did not choose an OS.
I tried to switch network configuration. I could not do it. But I tried to do it, just to see.
Then I tried to connect to my network.
After a long time, I found that my network was not working. So I turned it off and on again, and I tried to connect again.
Finally, I was able to use it.

Why it worked?
I don’t know, but this solution is really easy to use. It is fast, too. This solution cannot be compared with the