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Saturday, 8 August 2016

Fairytale Soup

Few things give you more of a warm glow than a steaming bowl of this comfort food. Our recipe has been around for ages but is still one of my favourite Sunday brunches. (If it’s Sunday and it’s close to lunchtime, it must be a Brunch)

Fairytale Soup

Serves 4-6 depending on size of bowl


500g butternut squash

2 leeks

1 large carrot

2 potatoes

2 medium sized potatoes

2 large lemons

2 litres vegetable stock

1/2 large onion finely chopped

1/2 medium sized cauliflower florets (optional)

2 tablespoons olive oil

Salt and pepper


1. Cut the butternut squash, leeks, carrots, potatoes into small chunky pieces and put them into a large pot.
2. Juice the lemons and add to the pot along with 2 litres of hot, unsalted chicken stock. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 30 minutes or until the vegetables are soft.
3. Meanwhile, chop the cauliflower florets into small pieces. When vegetables are cooked, add the cauliflower and gently simmer for a further 10 minutes until the cauliflower is soft.
4. Once cauliflower is cooked, add the leeks and onions to the soup and stir. Remove from the heat and then blitz using a food processor or immersion blender until smooth and creamy.
5. Once blended remove from the heat and add 1/2 a teaspoon of olive oil, salt and pepper.
6. Ladle the soup into bowls and top with a dollop of Greek yoghurt or soft feta or a spoonful of cheese. Serve with crusty bread.

This is great for a warm summer evening or to serve on a


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Cambodia earthquake: Red Cross reports ‘dozens’ dead and injured

The clock radio that claims the process of counting the seconds is a highly conceptual one. It is a digital radio clock in the shape of a large clock face with a mechanical mechanism at the bottom. The dial on top of the clock represents the seconds and minutes. It is not necessary to actually use the clock in order to know how much time has passed.

The word radio itself is a misnomer; radio waves are not used by these clocks. Two rods transmit the time over a small distance through a beam of light. The mechanism that rotates the dial is activated by turning the rod.

How radio waves are used and regulated

Radio waves in much the same way as light: A pulse of radio waves will always move in one direction. But a beam of light will not always move in a straight line. The curvature of the beam is termed the angle of divergence.

The reason for this is that the light beam is reflected off of a smooth surface, whereas radio waves need to pass through a series of layers of metal and glass. The more angles that this path is broken, the more the radio waves become dispersed.

This means that a radio wave pulse will cover a more or less large area, depending on the angle of divergence.

How do clock radios get time?

The “beam of light” is the rod that is moved by the user. The hand of the clock is a part of this rod that is moved around. The mechanism that rotates the dial is called a “palace wheel”. This wheel is turned by the user so that the hand of the clock travels around the dial. The wheel contains a series of numbers that represent the number of seconds passed since the clock was started.

When the hand gets around to the front of the palace wheel, it bumps the button that is there. This opens the mechanism that is inside the wheel and starts counting the seconds.

When the user has done their best and the palace wheel can not be opened anymore, the mechanism breaks down. The mechanism is then reset so that the user can start another time.

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