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Let’s hope this one comes through (Photo courtesy of JR, via Flickr)

1. Most NHL teams have difficulty finding a place to host a game of significance these days, and that includes the Florida Panthers. The Cats have been posting one of the best records in the league and while they haven’t put a number on the right side of a win this season, they did get a productive point in their 12-2 rout of the New York Islanders last Friday night. The big issue for Florida is to create the kind of environment where you feel good about going to play a game there. The home stands at 7,037 and are 82-plus percent full. That’s good for 60th of 61 teams in the league, and only a handful of teams pack more fans into the building for games. The Panthers are just big enough to make it work. If they win the Southeast Division, they would face the Hurricanes in a date in the first round of the playoffs, which is when everybody will start thinking about hosting a game of some significance.

2. With the season ahead of him and his health in question, young Coyotes center Shane Doan had the cover of the Phoenix Business Journal on Wednesday, saying he is leaning toward finishing his career in Phoenix. That’s easier said than done, of course, but this is an encouraging sentiment coming from one of the most recognizable faces in the desert. With Doan in the market for a new contract it would be a shock to see him play somewhere else next season, barring an unforeseen signing elsewhere.

3. Don’t be surprised if the Philadelphia Flyers suddenly become a sleeper pick to advance deep in the playoffs. Good teams don’t make bad playoff decisions, just ask the Predators. This team hasn’t gotten off to as hot of a start as the likes of Nashville and Pittsburgh, and maybe that’s why there’s an eagerness to see what could be if they find themselves in the postseason. That’s the case with Dan Carcillo, who signed a PTO with the Flyers on Thursday. Carcillo is a


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React Native WebView.onShowWindow() not working for URL paths

I’m loading a URL path into a React Native WebView element. This URL path has an Android exception that stops the app from loading.
When I run the application, I get this error:

Your device is not supported for this app.
If your device is not Android, see the FAQs.
Or visit for more information.

This message occurs on app startup. It clears out the notification bar on Android (as expected) and opens my own application’s URL on my Android phone. That is, as soon as the app is launched, the URL path I am referencing is opened in the phone’s browser.
I can see the following in the console:

Set of devices attached to Studio.
Press Ctrl+C to stop.

Then, a few seconds later, I get the crash above. This occurs on all my devices.
I need to stop the app from launching the url, so I added an onShowWindow() event. I did it just like the documentation says to.
I’m using the following code:


When I run this code, I get an alert box saying “shown”, but no new window opens on my Android device.
What am I doing wrong?