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It is a fantasy action RPG game, which can be enjoyed by people at a glance. Players can enjoy the full sensation of a game that is fully realized thanks to the online game elements.

Rise up the ranks as the strongest lord.
• Rise as the strongest lord to push your way to the top of the global ranking, and enjoy your personal life story and romantic quest on your way to becoming a lord!
• Those who love challenging quests in 3D fantasy world will find it easy to kill gigantic creatures.
• Those who enjoy fantastic graphics will find it easy to enjoy the graphics that are suitably presented on a smartphone.

(This app is free and optimized for smartphones.)

■ To those who want to enjoy the game more deeply with your smartphone, please request a

data updating notification.

Data updating notification

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This application is free to download and play. Some optional items available for purchase may also be purchased for real money via the Google Play or App Store in your country.

The price of optional items may vary depending on the country and change with the time. We ask that you read the description and add-ons of the app at that time.

In the case of products that require the activation of Google Play, we highly recommend choosing the “Update automatically” option, which will take care of the updates and purchase when you open the game.

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Optional items that you purchase will be charged to your Play Store account upon purchase. If you purchase our application, charges will be deducted from your Google Play account.

We are looking into ways to prevent purchases while connected to Wi-Fi.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Atmospheric game world
  • Detailed backstories for all characters
  • Fast-paced action
  • RPG like stat development
  • Adventure game that conveys a sense of challenge.
  • Excellent balance of strategy and role playing.
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