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Download 🆗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



The “Elden Ring” is an action role-playing game in which players adventure in a vast world and, as they progress, characters develop and develop. Players can freely create the appearance of their character as they like; as they advance in the game, the appearance will have an impact on your character. You can freely combine the weapons and armor that you equip, and can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to be a strong warrior. The game provides a deeper sense of excitement as you try to overcome the unexpected challenges that arise.
Elden Ring is a game created by the team of Falcom in Tokyo and published in North America by XSEED Games.

XSEED Games is the group responsible for bringing video game titles like The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II to the West. With a strategy to give the best development and marketing for titles, XSEED brings them to the West with a rock-solid game development structure.


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Vast World: Explore the Open Fields or the Dungeons, on your own or with other players. The game is designed with a vision that lets you freely explore open fields and dungeons, and it is known for its features that allow players to enjoy an unprecedented feeling of freedom in open areas
  • RPG Elements: Equip weapons and armor according to your play style and customize your character to establish a personalized combat style
  • Marvelous 3D Graphics: 3D graphics and a powerful rendering engine help create vivid maps and a beautiful and vast world
  • Unprecedented Feel of Freedom: Asynchronous online play lets you send and receive messages freely even while playing the game
  • Create Your Own Character: Make your character the way you want him or her to be, and freely combine the weapons and armor you equip
  • High Drama and High Production Values: The game features original fiction produced by the writers of the Hunter Heroes franchise
  • Play with Your Friends: Multiplayer enables you to directly connect with other players and to travel together.
  • Downloadable Content: A vast additional story and content will be released continuously as free downloadable content
  • Description:

      • A VAST WORLD: A vast world with extraordinary situations and 3D dungeon environments
      • RPG ELEMENTS: Equip weapons and armor according to your play style and customize your character


      Elden Ring is an action RPG that emphasizes action with 3D graphics, but it has elements of fantasy, like magic and various monsters. The gameplay does not differ much from


      Elden Ring Free [2022]

      – “As enjoyable as in the previous game. The battle system has a variety of interesting mechanics.”

      – “The battle system has a variety of interesting mechanics. The Tales of Breeding system gives the sense of being immersed in the myths of the Elden Ring.”

      – “The battle system is very fun, new tactics are added and makes for some interesting matches.”

      – “The game, particularly the Tales of Breeding, makes an interesting attempt.”

      – “The Tales of Breeding system is great. It’s fun when you’re exploring a new area, seeing what kinds of monsters it has and discover which of your friends has a high battle potential against the monster”

      – “If you like myths and action games and don’t mind the slow pace, I recommend checking out this one.”

      – “The light narration while traveling through dungeons is a pleasant addition. Tales of Breeding system has a mysterious charm which you can become very attached to.”

      – “The Tales of Breeding system is a great addition to the gameplay.”

      – “The battle system is interesting and very fun. The story and side quests are well written and will keep the player interested for a long time.”

      – “The battle system is a sure winner. It offers a variety of tactics and fun for beginners and experts. The RPG elements make for some added content as well.”

      – “It is easy to create a deep relationship with the Tales of Breeding system.”



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      As a new recruit, it’s a good idea to join your first guild (Guild First) to help you explore the world.

      Join others and explore the world, and meet others who will support and teach you as you grow, while experiencing the thrill of working together with others.

      Build a character in the background and view the world in a variety of ways.

      Begin to acquire the abilities and items of your character. You can freely join with others and play together.

      Take on various jobs, challenging opponents in the background, and return safely in tact.

      Who will you be?
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace.
      The world of the Elden Ring
      • The Lands Between
      You have risen from the remains of your original world, and now live a peaceful, quiet life in the Lands Between.
      The Lands Between is a world that the awakening and dead gods once ruled. The humans that now live here are a remnant of the ancient times, and live in constant fear of encountering the unknown that lurks from all directions. However, when the moon appears above, you can rest assured that the night’s creatures will be kept at bay.
      The Worlds Between, the Lands Between and the Realm of
      The moon’s right above you, and the sky is the same blue as the sky of your original world. You can see the rough surface of the cliff of the world that vanished, and the eternal mist that drifts in the sky as white.
      Not all skies are this bright. There are those that are filled with a bitter cold wind; others are cloaked in a fog of darkness; and others are known by their red hue.
      There are also those places that are filled with strange monuments or ruins that are impossible to recognize, as well as those that have been covered in dark clouds for generations.
      Common enemies – monsters – appear randomly in the Lands Between. However, their appearance rate is very low compared to the monsters that reside in the Earth. There are also monsters that spawn and exist only for a limited period, and all you can do is to make preparations and wait until they disappear.
      A good offense and defense are essential for your survival in the Lands Between. Always be prepared.
      Quest system in the game
      Quests, such as the strength to inherit a noble house, can be freely joined. These quests allow you to benefit from the wealth of the playerbase, and eliminate large


      What’s new:

      Bilz Heavy Industries is a new fantasy action game from Falcom, that reinterprets the classic fantasy role-playing game with a new take on the universe, mechanics, and character class system. As is the case with Chrono Trigger, the mythic romance of the Lands Between (Lobo) is woven into the story. Players of the PC, PlayStation, and Microsoft Xbox game series, Valkyrie Profile, and upcoming Fate/Grand Order, can delve into the deep, rich fantasy of the Lands Between, to find out the truth about their own lives.
      In the Lands Between, where Atlantean Gods, dragons, warlocks, sorcerers, warriors, and champions battle with swords, spears, and magic. There, Tarnished Laurels appear on trees, giant monsters roam the monsoon wind, and ancient relics and relics, have been unearthed. A land whose ancient history endlessly stirs, and which is filled with surprises.
      A fantastical world with a vast number of characters, quests, and stages. In addition, there are a variety of large and small dungeons and a journey that will reveal the depth of your character’s power. The combination of large-scale maps and a large number of quests will immerse you in the fantasy-filled world.
      Opening the opportunity to play with others has been made the ultimate goal. Learn about your character in depth from the other players and receive awesome rewards!
      In addition to the vast map of the Lands Between, there is a field map that depicts the main star system, Lobo. Laroi, the entrance to the Lands Between, is a trading city with several destinations where you can try your luck in quests and events. You can meet other Adventurers, Valkyries, and even manage the Laroi Enterprise! (The Valkyries here are the head of the Order of the Phoenix, an organization that fights evil in the same way as the Empire, and will later appear as FC-0 and A-010).

      This is an optimized port for current gen systems. There will be a clear management fee for current gen devices. (Ports are in development)
      Player Character

      It’s hard to


      Free Download Elden Ring Crack Free License Key [32|64bit]

      General instruction:

      1.Run the game with administrator privileges.
      2.Select option (Start -> right click -> run as administrator)
      3.Install game
      How download and play ELDEN RING

      1)Download file
      2)Extract the file

      How to install and how to play multiplayer on Windows:

      #1: Download the game, extract the content and run the game as admin.
      #2: Go to multiplayer tab.
      #3: Select the server you want to play (or create a new one if you do not find)
      #4: Connect to the server
      #5: Enjoy!

      To play on a server, you must know the IP address and port number of the server.

      IP address:

      Port number: 1532

      How install and play multiplayer on Mac OS X:

      #1: Download the game, extract the content and run the game as admin.
      #2: Go to multiplayer tab.
      #3: Select the server you want to play (or create a new one if you do not find)
      #4: Connect to the server
      #5: Enjoy!

      To play on a server, you must know the IP address and port number of the server.

      IP address:

      Port number: 1532

      How install and play multiplayer on Linux:

      #1: Download the game, extract the content and run the game as admin.
      #2: Go to multiplayer tab.
      #3: Select the server you want to play (or create a new one if you do not find)
      #4: Connect to the server
      #5: Enjoy!

      To play on a server, you must know the IP address and port number of the server.

      IP address:

      Port number: 1532

      How install and play multiplayer on iOS:

      #1: Download the game, extract the content and run the game as admin.
      #2: Go to multiplayer tab.
      #3: Select the server you want to play (or create a new one if you do not find)
      #4: Connect to the server
      #5: Enjoy!

      To play on a server


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    How To Uninstall ✅

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    System Requirements:

    Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
    Mac OS 9.x
    PS1/2/PCC emulator
    Run the game with a.cue file on PS1 disc.
    The following require Windows OS. You can use the USB-A3PS2 to PS2 Converter to play this game from PS2.
    PCSX2 PS1 emulator
    CVSS 0.0 (none)
    Original Game


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