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The world of Elden Ring is made up of six broad islands. One of which has been taken over by darkness and becomes the Forgotten Kingdom. The Six Elden Lords are the protectors of the Elden Ring against the darkness, and the only hope of preventing the realm from falling into oblivion. The seven continents of this realm are linked by the enchanted Lands Between, which help govern the flow of information and monsters.

But the story is far more sinister than that.

One day, the Elden Lords fell into a stupor. Darkness robed all of them into a daze of sleep, and the Lands Between became disconnected. The sinister beasts called Dark Ones have now overrun the Forgotten Kingdom, and occupy the six other inhabited areas.

In this desolate world, the battles of the Elden Lords must be fought again!

The Elder Kingdoms

The Elder Kingdoms, which are also known as the Seven Kingdoms, are six worlds lost in time. Each world lost in time is said to be protected by a living Elder King (see below), who can protect their realm by using the power of the Elden Ring.

Each Elder Kingdom is completely inhabited. In fact, the monsters who reside in each world have an extremely high degree of intelligence, and their lifestyles have never changed for thousands of years. It is said that they love to live in harmony with all living things.

The Elden Ring

The Elden Ring, a divine artifact, is the force that has held the Elden Realms together for eons. The Elden Ring is said to be the foremost power among all gods.

The Elden Ring possesses a magical power, which can give life to a being who is worthy of this power, and open a path of peace to the Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring was placed in the Nine Elden Lords by the god of Creation.

When the Elden Ring is destroyed, no one will remain to protect the Elden Realms.

Elden Lords

Elden Lord = Chosen Hero

In the story of Elden Ring, each of the Elden Lords is said to be a man who possesses a special attribute of the Elden Ring, and to protect the lands as the Elden Lord.

There are seven Elden Lords, and each is the savior of a world of the Elden Ring. The Elden Lords who bear the Elden Ring are the living legend of the world


Features Key:

  • Combine the 4 elements:
    • Strength: Power
    • Intellect: Knowledge
    • Agility: Skill
    • Spirit: Faith
  • Enjoy unprecedented movements while testing your strength against enemies using the Grapple feature
  • Weapons, Artifacts, and Magic:
    • Various weapons and magic
    • Discover and command powerful weapons that can pierce through enemies
  • A battle where you command the entire world: Complete missions, defeat monsters, and command characters, and your deeds will reflect upon the entire world.
  • Players can form parties, each of which can use different weapons, and travel together.
  • Mastering the Elements
    • Across various monsters and dungeons, use Advanced Elements that can combine different elements to strengthen themselves, with even more incalculable possibilities.
    • The combination is one of the greatest characteristics of the game.
  • Asia Version

    Asia’s Got Talent is a new version of Tame that allows players to create their own personalities in both a new setting and new characters.
    A setting that blends old Japan and a distant future:
    Set in an urban city built on the results of the industrial revolution in the near future, the world of Asha is a chaotic mixed up of old Japan and a strange futuristic future.
    A new character:
    The fun of creating your own personality continues in Asha. Players can enjoy a more robust and balanced gameplay system and create a variety of characters each with their own style.




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    ◆If you want to become an Elden lord, be kind to those who love you, do not speak of what you know, and do not let your pride lead you astray. Otherwise, you will be brought low.

    ◆If you want to become an Elden lord, be kind to those who love you, do not speak of what you know, and do not let your pride lead you astray. Otherwise, you will be brought low.

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    – The Elder Scrolls meets Final Fantasy
    The Elder Scrolls franchise has gained a reputation for its RPG elements, but Elder Scrolls Online takes it further by allowing you to freely move throughout a vast world of danger.
    The world of Tamriel is divided into four regions, but more importantly you can freely choose the type of game experience you prefer. Choose a casual, dungeon-running game with free-form combat, or choose a story-driven game that follows a specific plot.
    – Multiplayer Online RPG
    Warrior online is a role-playing game where you can change your class and improve your character. You can also cooperate with others to take on stronger opponents.
    – One of the largest online RPGs in the world
    With a player base of over five million, Elder Scrolls Online has the largest number of players of any online RPG in the world. We believe that the online nature of the game enhances the overall gameplay experience.
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    What’s new:

    English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean (optional)


    The Clash of Gods 2 features a detailed world with different regions and dungeons. Complete with customiza-ble characters, weapons and armor, multiple characters, strategic cooperative play, procedurally generated weapons and armor.

    Adventure fighting to save the world of Hircine, and treasure like never before.




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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • If You Have Windows. You Can Download from Direct link
  • If You Have Android
  • Extract the APK file from the zip file..
  • Ignore the warning the comes during the installation of the game.
  • After installation you just need to follow the instructions from “README” file.
  • Enjoy the game with no limitations.
  • 27 Dec 2017 04:52:59 GMT repairer Simulator

    Help the village repair the parts of the houses and complete with the job of completing two challenges!


    This is a simulation game designed for Android.
    This game uses real photos for everything, you can also download and use photos from Google.


    Picture 1 : Village Outline (Normal view)
    Picture 2 : Village Outline (Zoomed in)
    Picture 3 : House (Selected house)
    Picture 4 : House (Detail View)
    Picture 5 : House (Object "collar")
    Picture 6



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Wii U
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