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Rhel-server-5.8-x86 64-dvd.iso Download //FREE\


Rhel-server-5.8-x86 64-dvd.iso Download

rhel-server-6.2-x86-64-dvd.iso downloadLOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS, July 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — New Flower Power Technologies (NASDAQ: FLOW) (“New Flower” or the “Company”) (www.newflowerpower.com), the leading provider of consumer-focused flower product solutions, today announced it has acquired its first distributor. With this acquisition, New Flower will begin serving its new customer base in Florida and the Bahamas. New Flower reports sales in excess of $200 million, and holds more than 200 distribution agreements in place.

Highlights of the new agreement include:

Adding state-of-the-art Aztec greenhouses to New Flower’s existing footprint of high-end vertical and semi-vertical greenhouses.

Serving approximately 16 retail flower shops in Florida and one in the Bahamas in the first year of operation.

Distribution of New Flower’s industry-leading syringe and spray applicator systems across all 50 states.

“We are delighted to have joined forces with New Flower Technologies,” said Christian Coppola, President of Greenhouses. “This company has an unparalleled portfolio of indoor growing solutions, and we believe that our growers and retail flower shops can now benefit from the company’s excellent reputation in the industry.”

About New Flower Technologies

New Flower Technologies (NASDAQ: FLOW) is the leader in greenhouse engineering and mechanical solutions for the growing community. Focused on developing and manufacturing healthy, sustainable, and beautiful plants, New Flower has been setting the standard for greenhouses for over 30 years. New Flower’s suite of products include its industry-leading Podmatic™, Syringe Applicator®, and Spray Applicator products, as well as full-service greenhouse maintenance, smart thermostat-based heating/ventilation systems, self-watering flood irrigation, and vertical greenhouse mechanical products. New Flower’s delivery locations cover every state in the U.S. in addition to Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Mexico. New Flower Technologies is privately held and led by Ed Sarapis, a veteran entrepreneur with over 40 years of greenhouse industry experience.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with New Flower Technologies on its global distribution,” said Greg DeMartini, President of Spray Applicator. “The Company’s unique capabilities in the agricultural market will provide its customers with unparalleled service and support in the future.”



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