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How to link a host header in a grails app to a subdomain?

I have a grails app on a domain.

and I have a mobile app on

and I want to use the app with the host header “m.example.com” in a completely different grails app.
It looks like this:

all my new gsp pages are in grails-app/views
in a newly created directory named “m”, I have the following (index.gsp:


Jul 19, 2015. Featuring an innovative free 3D dock from Nvidia, the Free. AMD’s new AGU video card lets you use the GPU and processor. the company says that 3D video capture is a core driver benefit that.It was one of the most popular holiday cards of the year, and for good reason: “Santa” with a gun in his mouth is a great gag.

But after reading the caption to a picture of the photo below, we can only say: “It doesn’t get any better.”

The photo was posted on Twitter by @HahaSezThursday, who explained that it was being passed around on Christmas Day at his workplace, the game website Polygon.

“This is the happiest day of the year,” reads the caption. “My coworkers think I’m actually Santa Claus.”

HahaSezThursday said that the picture doesn’t represent any of his beliefs, and he said that the guy in the picture was actually a comedian who was supposed to play the role of “Santa” in the card.

“He was joking around,” HahaSezThursday explained.

HahaSezThursday says the employee who posed for the picture has been reprimanded, and he’s been banned from the office ever since, although he still shows up every Christmas.

“He’s basically banned for life,” HahaSezThursday explained.

But for the rest of us, HahaSezThursday’s tweet has brought a little more appreciation for the Santa Claus gag.

Bonus: For the complete recipe of the Oreo-inspired Christmas cookies that the office is making:

Oreo Christmas cookies (Photo: Courtesy)In-vitro and in-vivo studies on the effect of anti-ulcer drugs on the fate of taurocholate in the rat stomach.
In a previous study (Corol et al. Gastroenterology 82, 51-56, 1983) it was shown that in the rat stomach, taurocholate undergoes a recirculation in the mucosa-submucosa direction. This directional fate of taurocholate in the rat stomach is strongly inhibited by benzimidazole derivates such as ranitidine and omeprazole. In the present study the