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VNC Scanner GUI V1.2.43


VNC Scanner GUI V1.2.43

This is a package of the VNC Scanner GUI project of Windows. It can be used to connect to the target computer over a network, and is compatible with the VNC viewer, Mac, Linux, and Unix.
It has a simple user interface and fast operation.
VNC Scanner GUI v1.2.43 is the most popular method used by virus hunter on World Wide Web. At present, the simple GUI is easy to operate, but has no function to help us more.
Additionally, in the English language version, there is no license information and a hostname is not added if the configuration is too long.
In this version, the new features are as follows:
1. Fixed the bug of the non-authentication mode.
2. Added the option menu to add a host name if the configuration of host is too long.
3. Fixed the bug of switching the command line in the non-authentication mode.
4. Fixed the bug of the command history in the non-authentication mode.
The following bug has been fixed:
1. When the source port number is greater than 64000, the default port number of the “Desktop” interface changes to 32000.
2. When the source port number is equal to 64000, the default port number of the “Desktop” interface changes to 32000.
In the English language version, it is available to change the “Desktop” interface.
If you have any trouble with the command line, you can configure with the text interface.
You can download the.rar archive from the link below:
 Â . Save and extract to a temporary folder.
Happy hunting!
Fast Virus Scanner
Uses pre-made “scanpacks” containing virus definitions, or scans files individually. Please note that this feature is intended for those who have the time to prepare the “scanpack” prior to their scan – it is not designed for those who cannot prepare a “scanpack” and would rather scan than have an infected computer.
A free online service that allows you to scan your computer, drive or network for viruses, including malware, registry issues and pirated software. It


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